Master of Letters

Master of Letters

In association with Faulkner University’s Honors College, the university offers graduate-level students the opportunity to earn a Master of Letters fully online. Using the same core Christian principles and ethics in instruction and course structure utilized in all programs, the Master of Letters prepares great leaders and thinkers.

Program Objectives

Through the Master of Letters program at Faulkner, students will attain a general knowledge of core texts and ideas, and will possess the ability to demonstrate that high level of competency through written and oral communication skills. The program will require students to think critically, creatively and analytically to understand the relationship of Christian thought to the themes of the Great Books of the Great Tradition as presented through coursework and discussions.

Faulkner’s Master of Letters is designed as a preparatory program for students who are intent on pursuing doctoral studies in disciplines like history, humanities, literature, philosophy and religion.

Program Design

This graduate program uses the Great Books of the Western Tradition to create curriculum that is intellectually and spiritually engaging in the great tradition of the western world. The program takes teachings from many of these great books to illicit conversations and discussions with highly qualified tutors that benefit the learner. The program includes:

  • A foundation course focused on an exploration of the history and philosophy of humane learning.
  • Five core courses that take a more comprehensive approach to philosophy, religion and more.
  • Four independent tutorials with a special focus in your research interests, including humanities, literature, religion, history or philosophy.
  • A thesis course that manifests a broad understanding of program curriculum, thoughts and ideas.

*The Master of Letters program can typically be completed in six semesters.

  • HU 5311: Introduction to Humane Letters and Learning
  • HU 5326: Great Ideas, Authors and Writings: Understanding Humane Letters
  • HY 5315: Great Ideas, Authors and Writings: Historical Investigations
  • LIT 5324: Great Ideas, Authors and Writings: Literary Analysis
  • PHL 5313: Great Ideas, Authors and Writings: Philosophical Inquiries
  • REL 5322: Great Ideas, Authors and Writings: Exploring Religion
  • 5308, 5309, 5310, 5311 Independent Tutorials (HU/HY/LIT/PHL/REL)
  • 5312 Thesis (HU/HY/LIT/PHL/REL)

Prospective students who wish to enroll in the Master of Letters program must meet the following admission requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; you must provide transcripts from all institutions attended directly from the school to Faulkner University.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Acceptable test scores on graduate admissions exams, including the GRE (a combined verbal and quantitative score of 1000 or above) or MAT (400 or greater). Exam results cannot be more than five years old and must be forwarded directly to Faulkner from the testing service.
  • Three letters of recommendation with specific comments regarding the applicant’s academic work, professional experience and ability to successfully complete graduate study. The letters are often from the applicant’s faculty members or supervisory personnel.
  • A statement of goals and interest specifying the applicant’s interest in the program, as well as the applicant’s academic and professional background in preparation for graduate study.
  • Non-refundable application fee along with completed application form.
  • Approval by the director of the Master of Letters program.
  1. Submit a completed online application.
  2. Complete and print the official transcript request form (also included in the last page of this packet) and fax it to 800.473.2512.
  3. Send all additional items via mail to:

Faulkner University Attn: Graduate Enrollment 5345 Atlanta Hwy Montgomery, AL 36109

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